Garfnet Neon


Welcome to my home – my little corner of cyberspace. Regular visitors will observe that the Joomla version of this site has now been decommissioned. I have tried to redirect most of the old Joomla URL’s here.  The main parts of the new look GarfNet are: Journal where all the articles live, the Gallery where the pictures can be found, and the recently updated Reference Tables section.

2020-04-09 p2390999 northern sky I can’t get out to take any pictures at the moment, due to the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK. So here’s a snap of the garden instead, taken from my north-facing studio window. Note the clear blue northern sky, without even the merest hint of a vapour trail.

GarfNet has been around for a while – since August 1995, in fact. Despite pruning quite a lot of old content, there is still plenty to see here. In addition to the top menu bar, here are a few short-links for most of the older stuff from our Joomla days that some people might still like to see. I thought it might make your visit a little easier if I clustered the main ones together here on the home page. So you can bookmark anything you might find interesting…