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dscf2340.jpg dscf2340.jpgUSB Hard disk caddies.88 viewsgarf
dscf2353.jpg dscf2353.jpgTwo hard disk caddies, a Roland R09 recorder and an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner274 viewsgarf
dscf2344.jpg dscf2344.jpgTwo USB hard disk caddies and an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner291 viewsgarf
dscf2374.jpg dscf2374.jpgTubes mounted incorrectly. This was one of the causes of the devices rattling.88 viewsgarf
dscf2383.jpg dscf2383.jpgNote the tube in the middle is of a different type97 viewsgarf
dscf2390.jpg dscf2390.jpgDaylight tubes mounted correctly91 viewsgarf
dscf2397.jpg dscf2397.jpgBroken plastic mount for ballast resistor. One of the casues of the device rattling93 viewsgarf
dscf2367.jpg dscf2367.jpgTwo USB hard disk caddies, a Roland R09 recorder, an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner and some USB leads338 viewsgarf
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