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dscf1208.jpg dscf1208.jpgDangerous seagulls!179 viewsgarf
dscf1229.jpg dscf1229.jpgTricorn Centre1986 viewsgarf
dscf2054.jpg dscf2054.jpgBad & Wellness sign130 viewsgarf
dscf2113.jpg dscf2113.jpgModified roadworks sign134 viewsgarf
dscf2114.jpg dscf2114.jpgModified roadworks sign137 viewsgarf
dscf1076.jpg dscf1076.jpgSign outside the Turfcutter Arms, New Forest, after NFDC removed the pecular white lines from the road.357 viewsgarf
dscf1102.jpg dscf1102.jpgPheasant Crossing353 viewsgarf
dscf1359.jpg dscf1359.jpgBizarre signage199 viewsgarf
pic01078.jpg pic01078.jpgWhich way?180 viewsgarf
pic01053.jpg pic01053.jpg'Helium balloon', surely?282 viewsgarf
pic01045.jpg pic01045.jpg'To Fuk Road' road sign351 viewsgarf
pic01046.jpg pic01046.jpg'City One Shatin' sign406 views1 commentsgarf
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