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bank_spoof_002.jpg bank_spoof_002.jpgHalifax doesn't give you any more Xtra!146 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_005.jpg bank_spoof_005.jpgTurkish Bank130 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_006.jpg bank_spoof_006.jpgPromise to pay the bearer - yeah, right!124 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_001.jpg bank_spoof_001.jpgLloyds BSE127 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_004.jpg bank_spoof_004.jpgScottish widows136 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_003.jpg bank_spoof_003.jpgBBC Bankers in Need132 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_009.jpg bank_spoof_009.jpgLloyds cashpoint cum one-armed bandit141 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_007.jpg bank_spoof_007.jpgEconomic Relief!140 viewsgarf
bank_spoof_008.jpg bank_spoof_008.jpgNat West, slightly better than throwing away your cash137 viewsgarf
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