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To calculate the near, far and hyperfocal distance for a particular lens, please enter the focal length (millimetres), aperture f stop (number) and the object distance (metres) then click Calculate button. To clear the tables click the Reset button. Changing the camera film or sensor format also causes the system to recalculate.

By default, this JavaScript applet will calculate the near, far and hyperfocal distances in metres. For those not familiar with the metric system, you may use distances in feet instead. However this is not fully supported. When using feet for distances, the results are decimalised. In other words, a reading of 6.5 feet is actually 6 feet 6 inches. Which is one of the many reasons why I dislike the old FFU (Fred Flintstone Units) so much!

Focal lengths are all in millimetres and this applet does not attempt to convert focal lengths into inches, thou, cubits, furlongs, rods, poles or perches etc! However, there is a very handy little converter available at if you like that sort of thing.

Anyway, I digress. Please click this box:to display distances in feet. Otherwise leave it unticked if you are OK with metres.


Note: you must complete all four of the fields marked with an asterisk * otherwise the calculator will not do anything! Also, it needs all four fields before it will reveal any film|sensor format information.

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Depth-of-field table for your chosen focal length...

This project borrows heavily from an innovative web application originally developed in 1996 by:-

It was updated and extended using data from:-

And then it was:-

by Garfield Lucas. Version 1.2 build date 2019-01-05. It is an on-going project and all data is supplied as-is, with absolutely no warranty, express or implied.

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