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dscf1172.jpg dscf1172.jpgGarf2866 viewsgarf
dscf1194.jpg dscf1194.jpgView of Isle of Wight from the New Forest2202 viewsgarf
dscf1215.jpg dscf1215.jpgTricorn Centre2074 viewsgarf
dscf1224.jpg dscf1224.jpgTricorn Centre2063 viewsgarf
dscf1229.jpg dscf1229.jpgTricorn Centre1976 viewsgarf
dscf1207.jpg dscf1207.jpgTricorn Centre1972 viewsgarf
dscf1216.jpg dscf1216.jpgTricorn Centre1971 viewsgarf
dscf1226.jpg dscf1226.jpgTricorn Centre1746 viewsgarf
dscf1222.jpg dscf1222.jpgTricorn Centre1733 viewsgarf
dscf1221.jpg dscf1221.jpgTricorn Centre1516 viewsgarf
dscf1220.jpg dscf1220.jpgTricorn Centre1490 viewsgarf
dscf1227.jpg dscf1227.jpgTricorn Centre1482 viewsgarf
dscf1205.jpg dscf1205.jpgTricorn Centre1402 viewsgarf
dscf1244.jpg dscf1244.jpgTricorn Centre1384 viewsgarf
dscf1240.jpg dscf1240.jpgTricorn Centre1379 viewsgarf
dscf1270.jpg dscf1270.jpgTricorn Centre1359 viewsgarf
dscf1236.jpg dscf1236.jpgTricorn Centre1355 viewsgarf
dscf2021.jpg dscf2021.jpgTricorn Centre1320 viewsgarf
dscf1257.jpg dscf1257.jpgTricorn Centre1316 viewsgarf
dscf1234.jpg dscf1234.jpgTricorn Centre1298 viewsgarf
dscf1272.jpg dscf1272.jpgTricorn Centre1296 viewsgarf
dscf2026.jpg dscf2026.jpgTricorn Centre1276 viewsgarf
dscf1266.jpg dscf1266.jpgTricorn Centre1258 viewsgarf
dscf1169.jpg dscf1169.jpgGarf1243 viewsgarf
dscf1271.jpg dscf1271.jpgTricorn Centre1236 viewsgarf
dscf1252.jpg dscf1252.jpgTricorn Centre1223 viewsgarf
dscf1171.jpg dscf1171.jpgGarf1220 viewsgarf
dscf2011.jpg dscf2011.jpgTricorn Centre1193 viewsgarf
dscf1269.jpg dscf1269.jpgTricorn Centre1190 viewsgarf
dscf2025.jpg dscf2025.jpgTricorn Centre1170 viewsgarf
dscf1274.jpg dscf1274.jpgTricorn Centre1146 viewsgarf
dscf1339.jpg dscf1339.jpgTricorn Centre1143 viewsgarf
dscf1298.jpg dscf1298.jpgTricorn Centre1126 viewsgarf
dscf1290.jpg dscf1290.jpgTricorn Centre1089 viewsgarf
dscf1343.jpg dscf1343.jpgTricorn Centre1089 viewsgarf
dscf1340.jpg dscf1340.jpgTricorn Centre1064 viewsgarf
dscf1322.jpg dscf1322.jpgTricorn Centre1041 viewsgarf
dscf1355.jpg dscf1355.jpgTricorn Centre1034 viewsgarf
dscf1370.jpg dscf1370.jpgTricorn Centre1033 viewsgarf
dscf1168.jpg dscf1168.jpgGarf1029 viewsgarf
dscf1344.jpg dscf1344.jpgTricorn Centre1008 viewsgarf
dscf1396.jpg dscf1396.jpgTricorn Centre1005 viewsgarf
dscf1296.jpg dscf1296.jpgTricorn Centre993 viewsgarf
dscf1316.jpg dscf1316.jpgTricorn Centre989 viewsgarf
dscf1299.jpg dscf1299.jpgTricorn Centre982 viewsgarf
dscf1345.jpg dscf1345.jpgTricorn Centre965 viewsgarf
dscf1295.jpg dscf1295.jpgTricorn Centre953 viewsgarf
dscf1372.jpg dscf1372.jpgTricorn Centre950 viewsgarf
dscf2017.jpg dscf2017.jpgTricorn Centre943 viewsgarf
dscf1413.jpg dscf1413.jpgTricorn Centre936 viewsgarf
dscf1317.jpg dscf1317.jpgTricorn Centre927 viewsgarf
dscf1414.jpg dscf1414.jpgTricorn Centre901 viewsgarf
dscf1392.jpg dscf1392.jpgTricorn Centre896 viewsgarf
dscf1409.jpg dscf1409.jpgTricorn Centre887 viewsgarf
dscf1411.jpg dscf1411.jpgTricorn Centre870 viewsgarf
dscf1341.jpg dscf1341.jpgTricorn Centre856 viewsgarf
dscf1324.jpg dscf1324.jpgTricorn Centre855 viewsgarf
dscf2009.jpg dscf2009.jpgTricorn Centre854 viewsgarf
dscf1419.jpg dscf1419.jpgTricorn Centre847 viewsgarf
dscf1417.jpg dscf1417.jpgTricorn Centre842 viewsgarf
dscf1400.jpg dscf1400.jpgTricorn Centre818 viewsgarf
dscf2012.jpg dscf2012.jpgTricorn Centre782 viewsgarf
dscf2013.jpg dscf2013.jpgTricorn Centre779 viewsgarf
dscf1281.jpg dscf1281.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara762 viewsgarf
dscf2076.jpg dscf2076.jpgHighbury College710 viewsgarf
dscf0459.jpg dscf0459.jpgBroken aeroplanes690 viewsgarf
dscf1733.jpg dscf1733.jpg665 viewsgarf
dscf5982.jpg dscf5982.jpgPécs TV Torony665 viewsgarf
20130113-Huldra-HD.jpg 20130113-Huldra-HD.jpgTandberg Huldra 10634 viewsgarf
dscf1042.jpg dscf1042.jpgSeiko 7S26-0350 bezel615 viewsgarf
dscf1049.jpg dscf1049.jpgSeiko 7S26-0350 back614 viewsgarf
dscf0205.jpg dscf0205.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara612 viewsgarf
dscf1580.jpg dscf1580.jpgIcom IC-R20 scanner608 viewsgarf
dscf1310.jpg dscf1310.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara595 viewsgarf
flags.jpg flags.jpgI'm a moron - England flags spoof593 viewsgarf
dscf3067.jpg dscf3067.jpgAOR 8200 Mark1 (manufactured circa 1997) and Icom IC-R20 (manufactured circa 2006) radio scanners588 viewsgarf
dscf3074.jpg dscf3074.jpgAOR 8200 Mark1 (manufactured circa 1997) and Icom IC-R20 (manufactured circa 2006) radio scanners581 viewsgarf
dscf1128.jpg dscf1128.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara580 viewsgarf
dscf1564.jpg dscf1564.jpgArch-rivals - Icom IC-R20 and AOR AR8200 radio scanners531 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3986.jpg steampunk-imgp3986.jpgSteampunk watch collection529 viewsgarf
dscf1793.jpg dscf1793.jpg522 viewsgarf
dscf1838.jpg dscf1838.jpg510 viewsgarf
dscf1594.jpg dscf1594.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner and Edirol R09 high quality sound recorder506 viewsgarf
dscf1169.jpg dscf1169.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara499 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3748.jpg steampunk-imgp3748.jpgSoviet Elektronika (Электроника) 5 and Japanese Casio G-Shock DW-5400487 viewsgarf
dscf1044.jpg dscf1044.jpgSeiko 7S26-0350472 viewsgarf
dscf0021.jpg dscf0021.jpgDuncan Avery433 viewsgarf
dscf1045.jpg dscf1045.jpgSeiko 7S26-0350424 viewsgarf
dscf1452.jpg dscf1452.jpgJagermeister, Icom IC-R20 + AOR AR8200 radio scanners & digital caliper420 viewsgarf
dscf0007.jpg dscf0007.jpgDuncan Avery411 viewsgarf
dscf0020.jpg dscf0020.jpgDuncan Avery402 viewsgarf
pic01046.jpg pic01046.jpg'City One Shatin' sign399 views1 commentsgarf
dscf3068.jpg dscf3068.jpgAOR 8200 Mark1 (manufactured circa 1997) and Icom IC-R20 (manufactured circa 2006) radio scanners395 viewsgarf
pic02014.jpg pic02014.jpgShirley High Street388 viewsgarf
dscf0204.jpg dscf0204.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara382 viewsgarf
2011-04-28-004747-semi-retinex2Bold-photo.jpg 2011-04-28-004747-semi-retinex2Bold-photo.jpgBeauty & the beast. Degen 1126379 viewsgarf
pic02038.jpg pic02038.jpgMGF @ Ronchamp378 viewsgarf
dscf0028.jpg dscf0028.jpgDuncan Avery374 viewsgarf
dscf3056.jpg dscf3056.jpgThe French Geese372 viewsgarf
pic02031.jpg pic02031.jpgMGF @ Ronchamp371 viewsgarf
badge-vauxhall.png badge-vauxhall.pngVauxhall logo369 viewsgarf
dscf2033.jpg dscf2033.jpgKeith Pearce361 viewsgarf
dscf1004.jpg dscf1004.jpgSarah Keen360 viewsgarf
dscf1597.jpg dscf1597.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner358 viewsgarf
dscf1076.jpg dscf1076.jpgSign outside the Turfcutter Arms, New Forest, after NFDC removed the pecular white lines from the road.356 viewsgarf
pic02022.jpg pic02022.jpgShirley High Street353 viewsgarf
pic05025.jpg pic05025.jpgA goose on Southampton Common352 viewsgarf
dscf3608.jpg dscf3608.jpgBroken aeroplanes351 viewsgarf
dscf1453.jpg dscf1453.jpgJagermeister, Icom IC-R20 + AOR AR8200 radio scanners & digital caliper350 viewsgarf
pic01045.jpg pic01045.jpg'To Fuk Road' road sign348 viewsgarf
dscf1102.jpg dscf1102.jpgPheasant Crossing348 viewsgarf
dscf1717-semi-mono.jpg dscf1717-semi-mono.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner342 viewsgarf
pic03012.jpg pic03012.jpgShirley High Street340 viewsgarf
dscf2367.jpg dscf2367.jpgTwo USB hard disk caddies, a Roland R09 recorder, an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner and some USB leads338 viewsgarf
dscf0467.jpg dscf0467.jpgBroken aeroplanes332 viewsgarf
pic02020.jpg pic02020.jpgShirley High Street330 viewsgarf
dscf1048.jpg dscf1048.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!327 viewsgarf
dscf0470.jpg dscf0470.jpgBroken aeroplanes325 viewsgarf
dscf3558.jpg dscf3558.jpgGarield Lucas & Keith Pearce323 viewsgarf
dscf3055.jpg dscf3055.jpgThe French Geese323 viewsgarf
breakfast.jpg breakfast.jpgA typical batchelor's Boxing Day breakfast!323 viewsgarf
dscf1717.jpg dscf1717.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner323 viewsgarf
dscf2028.jpg dscf2028.jpgKeith Pearce317 viewsgarf
p1070653.jpg p1070653.jpgPécsi Sor!316 viewsgarf
pic01032.jpg pic01032.jpgStrange what grows on bus shelters!312 viewsgarf
dscf3363.jpg dscf3363.jpgKeith Pearce312 viewsgarf
dscf1763-semi-mono.jpg dscf1763-semi-mono.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner312 viewsgarf
dscf3361.jpg dscf3361.jpgKeith Pearce307 viewsgarf
dscf1085.jpg dscf1085.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box307 viewsgarf
dscf3354.jpg dscf3354.jpgKeith Pearce306 viewsgarf
pic02013.jpg pic02013.jpgNotre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp306 viewsgarf
dscf3033.jpg dscf3033.jpgThe French Geese304 viewsgarf
dscf3029.jpg dscf3029.jpgThe luxury dashboard of a Trabant 601303 viewsgarf
dscf3347.jpg dscf3347.jpgKeith Pearce303 viewsgarf
xmas2004.jpg xmas2004.jpg2004 Goosy Christmas Card302 viewsgarf
dscf1192.jpg dscf1192.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box302 viewsgarf
dscf2977.jpg dscf2977.jpgIcom IC-R20 radio scanner (manufactured circa 2006)301 viewsgarf
dscf3351.jpg dscf3351.jpgKeith Pearce299 viewsgarf
dscf3349.jpg dscf3349.jpgKeith Pearce298 viewsgarf
dscf3059.jpg dscf3059.jpgAOR 8200 Mark1 (manufactured circa 1997) and Icom IC-R20 (manufactured circa 2006) radio scanners298 viewsgarf
dscf3357.jpg dscf3357.jpgKeith Pearce297 viewsgarf
dscf1188.jpg dscf1188.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box296 viewsgarf
dscf3005.jpg dscf3005.jpgThe French Geese291 viewsgarf
dscf2344.jpg dscf2344.jpgTwo USB hard disk caddies and an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner291 viewsgarf
img_2799.jpg img_2799.jpgCitroen DS290 viewsgarf
dscf0463.jpg dscf0463.jpgBroken aeroplanes288 viewsgarf
dscf1763.jpg dscf1763.jpgIcom 1C-R20 scanner285 viewsgarf
dscf2002.jpg dscf2002.jpgred Mazda MX5 outside Portland Bill283 viewsgarf
dscf2223.jpg dscf2223.jpgLondon Golf Fashion Show & Docklands by night283 viewsgarf
dscf1179.jpg dscf1179.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box281 viewsgarf
dscf3030.jpg dscf3030.jpgThe French Geese281 viewsgarf
pic03004.jpg pic03004.jpgShirley Towers280 viewsgarf
dscf1234.jpg dscf1234.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara278 viewsgarf
20170804-imgp4666-mto-1000mm-catadioptric-lens.jpg 20170804-imgp4666-mto-1000mm-catadioptric-lens.jpgMTO 1000mm catadioptric lens on Lumix DMC-GX7 mirrorless camera278 viewsgarf
pic01053.jpg pic01053.jpg'Helium balloon', surely?277 viewsgarf
dscf3064.jpg dscf3064.jpgAOR 8200 Mark1 (manufactured circa 1997) and Icom IC-R20 (manufactured circa 2006) radio scanners275 viewsgarf
dscf2353.jpg dscf2353.jpgTwo hard disk caddies, a Roland R09 recorder and an Icom IC-R20 radio scanner274 viewsgarf
dscf0005.jpg dscf0005.jpgDuncan Avery272 viewsgarf
pic02012.jpg pic02012.jpgShirley High Street268 viewsgarf
dscf2139.jpg dscf2139.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara268 viewsgarf
dscf2985.jpg dscf2985.jpgIcom IC-R20 radio scanner (manufactured circa 2006)267 viewsgarf
dscf0471.jpg dscf0471.jpgBroken aeroplanes266 viewsgarf
img_2798.jpg img_2798.jpgCitroen DS265 viewsgarf
pic01004.jpg pic01004.jpgMGF New Forest263 viewsgarf
dscf1081.jpg dscf1081.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box263 viewsgarf
dscf3065.jpg dscf3065.jpgThe French Geese263 viewsgarf
dscf0477.jpg dscf0477.jpgBroken aeroplanes263 viewsgarf
dscf1090.jpg dscf1090.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box262 viewsgarf
dscf1101.jpg dscf1101.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box260 viewsgarf
dscf1087.jpg dscf1087.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box258 viewsgarf
dscf1106.jpg dscf1106.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box258 viewsgarf
dscf1116.jpg dscf1116.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box258 viewsgarf
dscf4792.jpg dscf4792.jpgLangley Tavern, for sale and falling apart258 viewsgarf
dscf1096.jpg dscf1096.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box257 viewsgarf
dscf1125.jpg dscf1125.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box256 viewsgarf
dscf2983.jpg dscf2983.jpgIcom IC-R20 radio scanner (manufactured circa 2006)256 viewsgarf
dscf1316.jpg dscf1316.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara255 viewsgarf
dscf3036.jpg dscf3036.jpgGarf sitting in the boot of a Trabi Combi254 viewsgarf
dscf1110.jpg dscf1110.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box254 viewsgarf
dscf0199.jpg dscf0199.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara254 viewsgarf
dscf1127.jpg dscf1127.jpgDavid Blane - the man in the plastic box252 viewsgarf
pic02035.jpg pic02035.jpgShirley High Street251 viewsgarf
dscf2981.jpg dscf2981.jpgIcom IC-R20 radio scanner (manufactured circa 2006)250 viewsgarf
dscf3060.jpg dscf3060.jpgThe French Geese248 viewsgarf
img_3401.jpg img_3401.jpgNotre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp & MGF scampers through Vosges Mountains247 viewsgarf
pic02094.jpg pic02094.jpgBlue Facel II & red MGF247 viewsgarf
dscf0015.jpg dscf0015.jpgDuncan Avery246 viewsgarf
dscf0473.jpg dscf0473.jpgBroken aeroplanes244 viewsgarf
img_3407.jpg img_3407.jpgSimca 1000 & Citroen 2CV242 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3719.jpg steampunk-imgp3719.jpgDamaged Fabwatch strap242 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3771.jpg steampunk-imgp3771.jpgVery sharp buckle238 viewsgarf
dscf1327.jpg dscf1327.jpgHighbury College237 viewsgarf
dscf6294.jpg dscf6294.jpg235 viewsgarf
pic02025.jpg pic02025.jpgShirley High Street234 viewsgarf
pic03011.jpg pic03011.jpgShirley High Street234 viewsgarf
pic05034.jpg pic05034.jpgGeese on Southampton Common234 viewsgarf
dscf1001.jpg dscf1001.jpgHighbury College234 viewsgarf
2011-04-28-011300-semi-threshold.jpg 2011-04-28-011300-semi-threshold.jpgShocked! Degen 1126232 viewsgarf
penguin-advent-calendar.jpg penguin-advent-calendar.jpgPenguin Advent Calendar231 viewsgarf
dscf1057.jpg dscf1057.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!230 viewsgarf
dscf3032.jpg dscf3032.jpgGarf driving a Trabi230 viewsgarf
img_3666.jpg img_3666.jpgRed Peugeot convertible & red MGF230 viewsgarf
pic05036.jpg pic05036.jpgWhite goose on Southampton Common229 viewsgarf
dscf6291.jpg dscf6291.jpg229 viewsgarf
dscf4221.jpg dscf4221.jpgAt the Otter Sanctuary229 views3 commentsgarf
pic02016.jpg pic02016.jpgShirley High Street228 viewsgarf
pic02093.jpg pic02093.jpgBlue Facel II & red MGF228 viewsgarf
dscf1008.jpg dscf1008.jpgWartburg227 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3938.jpg steampunk-imgp3938.jpgRenovation kit226 viewsgarf
pic03009.jpg pic03009.jpgShirley High Street224 viewsgarf
pic03015.jpg pic03015.jpgShirley High Street224 viewsgarf
pic01021.jpg pic01021.jpgMGF Scampers, New Forest224 viewsgarf
dscf2082.jpg dscf2082.jpgHighbury College224 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3730.jpg steampunk-imgp3730.jpgSoviet Elekrtonika (Электроника) 5 and Japanese Casio G-Shock DW-5400224 viewsgarf
dscf1156.jpg dscf1156.jpgNew Forest & white lines223 viewsgarf
pic02082.jpg pic02082.jpgRed MGF & blue Facel II223 viewsgarf
dscf2696.jpg dscf2696.jpgTrabant223 viewsgarf
dscf0460.jpg dscf0460.jpgBroken aeroplanes222 viewsgarf
pic03029.jpg pic03029.jpgShirley High Street220 viewsgarf
img_3665.jpg img_3665.jpgRed Peugeot convertible & red MGF220 viewsgarf
pic02077.jpg pic02077.jpgRed MGF & blue Facel II218 viewsgarf
pic02015.jpg pic02015.jpgShirley High Street217 viewsgarf
img_3622.jpg img_3622.jpgMGF scampers - France216 viewsgarf
imgp0300.jpg imgp0300.jpgA Trabi in Brighton216 viewsgarf
dscf0206.jpg dscf0206.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara215 viewsgarf
badge-wartburg.png badge-wartburg.pngWartburg logo215 viewsgarf
dscf3045.jpg dscf3045.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!214 viewsgarf
dscf0006.jpg dscf0006.jpgDuncan Avery214 viewsgarf
img_3667.jpg img_3667.jpgRed Peugeot convertible & red MGF214 viewsgarf
pic02079.jpg pic02079.jpgRed MGF & blue Facel II214 viewsgarf
steampunk-imgp3959.jpg steampunk-imgp3959.jpgSoviet Elektronika (Электроника) 5 watch214 viewsgarf
dscf2061.jpg dscf2061.jpgHighbury College213 viewsgarf
img_3668.jpg img_3668.jpgRed Peugeot convertible & red MGF213 viewsgarf
img_3621.jpg img_3621.jpgMGF scampers - France213 viewsgarf
pic02033.jpg pic02033.jpgShirley High Street212 viewsgarf
pic03008.jpg pic03008.jpgShirley High Street212 viewsgarf
pic01022.jpg pic01022.jpgMGF Scampers, New Forest212 viewsgarf
dscf2059.jpg dscf2059.jpgHighbury College211 viewsgarf
pc066009.jpg pc066009.jpgOrderly Chaos211 viewsgarf
dscf1019.jpg dscf1019.jpgWartburg Combi210 viewsgarf
dscf2356.jpg dscf2356.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara210 viewsgarf
pic02075.jpg pic02075.jpgRed MGF & blue Facel II210 viewsgarf
img_3617.jpg img_3617.jpgMGF scampers - France210 viewsgarf
dscf1323.jpg dscf1323.jpgHighbury College209 viewsgarf
p8152659.jpg p8152659.jpgBeachy Head209 viewsgarf
img_2794.jpg img_2794.jpgFrench SIM208 viewsgarf
img_3618.jpg img_3618.jpgMGF scampers - France208 viewsgarf
pic02017.jpg pic02017.jpgShirley High Street207 viewsgarf
pic02034.jpg pic02034.jpgShirley High Street207 viewsgarf
pic01121.jpg pic01121.jpgSarah Keen on the bonent of an MGF in Saverne, France206 viewsgarf
pic02078.jpg pic02078.jpgRed MGF & blue Facel II206 viewsgarf
dscf0011.jpg dscf0011.jpgDuncan Avery205 viewsgarf
img_3404.jpg img_3404.jpgMGF205 viewsgarf
img_3463.jpg img_3463.jpgMGF & Citroen DS205 viewsgarf
dscf1031.jpg dscf1031.jpg205 viewsgarf
dscf2044.jpg dscf2044.jpgOld pale blue Skoda204 viewsgarf
imgp0297.jpg imgp0297.jpgA Trabi in Brighton204 viewsgarf
dscf1034.jpg dscf1034.jpgbeige Wartburg combi tailgate203 viewsgarf
dscf1321.jpg dscf1321.jpgNew Forest & white lines202 viewsgarf
dscf1036.jpg dscf1036.jpgMGF scampers through Alsace, France202 viewsgarf
pic01006.jpg pic01006.jpgSleepy Goose202 viewsgarf
dscf1162.jpg dscf1162.jpgHighbury College201 viewsgarf
dscf1025.jpg dscf1025.jpggreen Wartburg Combi, tailgate201 viewsgarf
dscf3017.jpg dscf3017.jpgGarf driving a Trabi 201 viewsgarf
dscf1022.jpg dscf1022.jpgWartburg badge close-up199 viewsgarf
pic03018.jpg pic03018.jpgShirley High Street198 viewsgarf
dscf1215.jpg dscf1215.jpgNew Forest & white lines198 viewsgarf
dscf0210.jpg dscf0210.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara198 viewsgarf
dscf1038.jpg dscf1038.jpgMGF @ Wintzenheim198 viewsgarf
img_3466.jpg img_3466.jpgCitroen DS & MGF198 viewsgarf
pic02063.jpg pic02063.jpgBlue Facel II198 viewsgarf
dscf1359.jpg dscf1359.jpgBizarre signage197 viewsgarf
img_1404.jpg img_1404.jpgJodrell Bank197 viewsgarf
dscf1163.jpg dscf1163.jpgHighbury College196 viewsgarf
img_2833.jpg img_2833.jpgMGF in France196 viewsgarf
pic02027.jpg pic02027.jpgShirley High Street195 viewsgarf
pic03010.jpg pic03010.jpgShirley High Street195 viewsgarf
dscf2051.jpg dscf2051.jpgHighbury College195 viewsgarf
p8152434.jpg p8152434.jpgEastbourne195 viewsgarf
p8152608.jpg p8152608.jpgMGF @ Beachy Head195 viewsgarf
dscf6943.jpg dscf6943.jpgSnow in Southampton195 views2 commentsgarf
dscf0041.jpg dscf0041.jpgDuncan Avery194 viewsgarf
dscf1031.jpg dscf1031.jpgbeige Wartburg Combi [2]193 viewsgarf
img_3462.jpg img_3462.jpgMGF & Citroen DS193 viewsgarf
img_3475.jpg img_3475.jpgMGF & Citroen DS193 viewsgarf
img_2851.jpg img_2851.jpgMGF in France193 viewsgarf
pic02032.jpg pic02032.jpgShirley High Street192 viewsgarf
pic02036.jpg pic02036.jpgShirley High Street192 viewsgarf
img_3472.jpg img_3472.jpgMGF & Citroen DS192 viewsgarf
dscf1030.jpg dscf1030.jpgbeige Wartburg Combi [1]191 viewsgarf
dscf1040.jpg dscf1040.jpgbeige Wartburg front [1]191 viewsgarf
dscf2017.jpg dscf2017.jpgHighbury College190 viewsgarf
p8152606.jpg p8152606.jpgMGF @ Beachy Head190 viewsgarf
img_3482.jpg img_3482.jpgMGF in The Vosges Mountains190 viewsgarf
dscf2827.jpg dscf2827.jpgWartburg 1000190 viewsgarf
dscf1337.jpg dscf1337.jpgHighbury College189 viewsgarf
dscf1041.jpg dscf1041.jpgbeige Wartburg front [2]189 viewsgarf
dscf1108.jpg dscf1108.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!189 viewsgarf
dscf1094.jpg dscf1094.jpgNew Forest & white lines189 viewsgarf
dscf1360.jpg dscf1360.jpgBizarre signage189 viewsgarf
dscf0207.jpg dscf0207.jpgStudio snaps Garf photographed by Chiara189 viewsgarf
dscf1052.jpg dscf1052.jpgMGF scampers through Alsace, France189 viewsgarf
dscf2093.jpg dscf2093.jpgHighbury/M27 footbridge188 viewsgarf
dscf1104.jpg dscf1104.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!188 viewsgarf
dscf1117.jpg dscf1117.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!188 viewsgarf
dscf1059.jpg dscf1059.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!187 viewsgarf
dscf1211.jpg dscf1211.jpgNew Forest & white lines187 viewsgarf
dscf3028.jpg dscf3028.jpgThe French Geese187 viewsgarf
dscf3051.jpg dscf3051.jpgThe French Geese187 viewsgarf
dscf0033.jpg dscf0033.jpgDuncan Avery187 viewsgarf
p8152648.jpg p8152648.jpgBeachy Head187 viewsgarf
img_3467.jpg img_3467.jpgCitroen DS & MGF187 viewsgarf
img_2854.jpg img_2854.jpgMGF in France187 viewsgarf
20150327_p1170458_toytown.jpg 20150327_p1170458_toytown.jpgToytown - Cosham and Portsmouth from Portsdown Hill187 viewsgarf
dscf2105.jpg dscf2105.jpgHighbury College186 viewsgarf
dscf3018.jpg dscf3018.jpgLondon Golf Fashion Show & Docklands by night186 viewsgarf
dscf3044.jpg dscf3044.jpgThe French Geese186 viewsgarf
dscf0036.jpg dscf0036.jpgDuncan Avery186 viewsgarf
img_3601.jpg img_3601.jpgSmart car & red MGF186 viewsgarf
img_3471.jpg img_3471.jpgMGF & Citroen DS186 viewsgarf
dscf1052.jpg dscf1052.jpgWebserver185 viewsgarf
dscf1051.jpg dscf1051.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!185 viewsgarf
dscf1138.jpg dscf1138.jpgStrasbourg tram185 viewsgarf
img_2856.jpg img_2856.jpgMGF in France185 viewsgarf
dscf1008.jpg dscf1008.jpgHighbury College184 viewsgarf
dscf1203.jpg dscf1203.jpgHighbury College184 viewsgarf
dscf1164.jpg dscf1164.jpgNew Forest & white lines184 viewsgarf
img_8440.jpg img_8440.jpgMGZS184 viewsgarf
pic03025.jpg pic03025.jpgCash Converters, Shirley High Street183 viewsgarf
dscf2054.jpg dscf2054.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!183 viewsgarf
dscf3029.jpg dscf3029.jpgThe French Geese183 viewsgarf
dscf1110.jpg dscf1110.jpgStrasbourg tram183 viewsgarf
dscf1135.jpg dscf1135.jpgStrasbourg tram183 viewsgarf
p8152640.jpg p8152640.jpgEastbourne & Beachy Head183 viewsgarf
img_3470.jpg img_3470.jpgMGF & Citroen DS183 viewsgarf
dscf4753.jpg dscf4753.jpgLangley Tavern, for sale and falling apart183 viewsgarf
dscf2066.jpg dscf2066.jpgHighbury College182 viewsgarf
dscf1045.jpg dscf1045.jpgMGF @ Wintzenheim182 viewsgarf
dscf1037.jpg dscf1037.jpgMGF @ Holyhead182 viewsgarf
badge-volkswagen.png badge-volkswagen.pngVolkswagen logo182 viewsgarf
dscf1005.jpg dscf1005.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!181 viewsgarf
dscf1343.jpg dscf1343.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara181 viewsgarf
dscf3018.jpg dscf3018.jpgThe French Geese181 viewsgarf
pic02068.jpg pic02068.jpgBlue Facel II181 viewsgarf
pic03005.jpg pic03005.jpgShirley High Street180 viewsgarf
dscf2259.jpg dscf2259.jpgGarf photographed by Chiara180 viewsgarf
dscf1040.jpg dscf1040.jpgMGF @ Wintzenheim180 viewsgarf
p8152611.jpg p8152611.jpgMGF @ Beachy Head180 viewsgarf
img_2864.jpg img_2864.jpgMGF in France180 viewsgarf
dscf1208.jpg dscf1208.jpgDangerous seagulls!179 viewsgarf
dscf1130.jpg dscf1130.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!179 viewsgarf
dscf1079.jpg dscf1079.jpgNew Forest & white lines179 viewsgarf
dscf1327.jpg dscf1327.jpgNew Forest & white lines179 viewsgarf
pic01078.jpg pic01078.jpgWhich way?179 viewsgarf
dscf3059.jpg dscf3059.jpgMGF in minor ferry disaster179 viewsgarf
pic03020.jpg pic03020.jpgShirley High Street178 viewsgarf
dscf1003.jpg dscf1003.jpgHighbury College178 viewsgarf
dscf1112.jpg dscf1112.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!178 viewsgarf
p8152626.jpg p8152626.jpgMGF @ Beachy Head178 viewsgarf
dscf1063.jpg dscf1063.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!177 viewsgarf
dscf1125.jpg dscf1125.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!177 viewsgarf
dscf1183.jpg dscf1183.jpgHighbury College176 viewsgarf
dscf1144.jpg dscf1144.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!176 viewsgarf
dscf1121.jpg dscf1121.jpgTV Torony, Pécs176 viewsgarf
dscf1067.jpg dscf1067.jpgdim sung breakfast176 viewsgarf
dscf1004.jpg dscf1004.jpgMGF scampers - Ireland175 viewsgarf
pic02070.jpg pic02070.jpgBlue Facel II175 viewsgarf
dscf3102.jpg dscf3102.jpgCitizen Skyhawk A-T WR200 radio-controlled, ecodrive watch (manufactured circa 2007)175 viewsgarf
pic01030.jpg pic01030.jpgMGF174 viewsgarf
dscf1158.jpg dscf1158.jpgHong Kong - Kowloon174 viewsgarf
img_8442.jpg img_8442.jpgMGZS174 viewsgarf
pic02069.jpg pic02069.jpgBlue Facel II174 viewsgarf
dscf1066.jpg dscf1066.jpgdim sung breakfast173 viewsgarf
dscf2020.jpg dscf2020.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!172 viewsgarf
dscf1059.jpg dscf1059.jpgNew Forest & white lines172 viewsgarf
dscf1148.jpg dscf1148.jpgStrasbourg tram172 viewsgarf
dscf1027.jpg dscf1027.jpgMGF @ Wintzenheim172 viewsgarf
pa063519.jpg pa063519.jpgTaran race day - Brands Hatch172 viewsgarf
pic03016.jpg pic03016.jpgShirley High Street170 viewsgarf
dscf1131.jpg dscf1131.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!170 viewsgarf
dscf2043.jpg dscf2043.jpgLondon Golf Fashion Show & Docklands by night170 viewsgarf
img_3461.jpg img_3461.jpgCitroen DS170 viewsgarf
dscf2752.jpg dscf2752.jpgTrabant170 viewsgarf
pc078975.jpg pc078975.jpgLondon169 viewsgarf
dscf1122.jpg dscf1122.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!168 viewsgarf
pc065999.jpg pc065999.jpgOrderly Chaos168 viewsgarf
img_3408.jpg img_3408.jpgSimca 1000 & Citroen 2CV168 viewsgarf
badge_robur.png badge_robur.pngRobur logo168 viewsgarf
20150327_p1170455_toytown.jpg 20150327_p1170455_toytown.jpgToytown - Cosham and Portsmouth from Portsdown Hill168 viewsgarf
dscf2012.jpg dscf2012.jpgHighbury College167 viewsgarf
dscf1183.jpg dscf1183.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!167 viewsgarf
dscf2036.jpg dscf2036.jpgMGF scampers through Alsace, France166 viewsgarf
dscf2407.jpg dscf2407.jpgred MGF outside the European Parliament building166 viewsgarf
img_2871.jpg img_2871.jpgMGF in France166 viewsgarf
dscf1135.jpg dscf1135.jpgPécs, Hungary - Trabi-spotting!165 viewsgarf
img_1020.jpg img_1020.jpgMGF scampers - in Dorset165 viewsgarf
dscf1004.jpg dscf1004.jpg165 viewsgarf
dscf1005.jpg dscf1005.jpgHong Kong - Kowloon & Central by night164 viewsgarf
dscf1221.jpg dscf1221.jpgMGF @ Wintzenheim164 viewsgarf
dscf1010.jpg dscf1010.jpgNortham Road164 viewsgarf
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