Super ENGLAND Banners going cheap!!!

New from Goose Enterprises

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Yes folks, everyone knows that England is crap at football and will almost certainly lose again. But you can always show your fellow motorists just what a loser you really are with these super new Goose Enterprises England banners.

Fed up with not getting enough attention when you park in the disabled bay at the super market? These banners will certainly get you noticed! Now you can drive at 90 MPH over pedestrian crossings whilst using your mobile phone and smoking a cigarette with the other hand, all the time knowing that other drivers can see what a moron you really are. These banners are the perfect accompaniment to unfunny personalised number plates and moronic bumper stickers. Designed to fit neatly on top of your mismatching England flags, these pieces of old tat will really make your car even more dangerous to other road users than just having a couple of crappy old flags. Flags may only blind a few cyclists but these things weigh a ton and can really fall off and kill people! These superb products are designed to fit all sorts of vehicle usually driven by England fans including…

  • Ford Mondeo
  • Vauxhall Astra
  • BMW 3 series (the irony of driving a German car usually escapes the average England fan)
  • Any type of white van

Only £199.00 each! Special offer £500.00 for two!!!

What are you waiting for? Get yours now! Send large amounts of cash to…

Goose Enterprises
1, The Pond
The Common

(Please allow 3 years for delivery and for me to leave the country with all your money.)