Merry Wikileaks

A Yuletide pause for reflection

Much has been said in the popular press recently regarding Julian Assange and his notorious Wikileaks website. Three things strike me about the Wikileaks saga…

1. Our leaders’ total lack of integrity.

Wikileaks has verified what I have suspected for many years, namely that many of our politicians have four priorities:-

First priority for our leaders is pursuance of their own careers. Their second priority is the political party to which they belong. A very close third come the big corporations, upon whom these political parties depend for their funding. Finally, last and very much least, come the poor schmucks who vote for them and ultimately pay their wages.

Worse, the above rule-of-thumb applies to our relatively honest politicians. The dodgier specimens, (e.g. Bush, Blair, Cheney, et al), are even more disgusting and worthless. Seems these scum-sucking lowlifes are happy simply to grab as much taxpayers’ money as possible and squander it on stupid wars and/or to line their own pockets. They don’t care how many people die, or how much of our money they waste in the process.

2. Covering up is more important than reform.

As a result of those very damning revelations from the pages of Wikileaks,  the planet’s political class is now striving very hard indeed to find more effective ways to cover up its lies and evil doings. However, I feel it is much more significant, not to mention depressing, that not one of our “leaders” seems in the least bit interested in the concept of better governance. Perhaps if our politicians genuinely cared about honest and open government, then there would be less to cover up in the first place?

3.The “Special Relationship” scam.

Any nation that considers itself to have a “special relationship” with the United States should urgently reconsider its position. Old Blighty in particular, please take note!

Honk! Honk! and Merry Christmas.