London 2012 Olympic fiasco

The London Olympics is set to be a cock-up of Olympic proportions. It is already many times over budget. The Government promised it would cost us £2.4 billion GBP. It has already cost £6.4 billion GBP more than that!

The railway workers and border guards are going on strike. The “Olympic” traffic lanes on London’s narrow streets and discontinuous urban motorways will bring the rest of the capital’s traffic to a standstill. Half the staff working for G4S (formerly Group 4 Securicor) the company in charge of what they laughingly describe as “security”, have failed to turn up for work!

Meantime, the army is mounting surface to air missiles on the top of residential blocks – though exactly what they intend to do with them is anybody’s guess. As comedian Groucho Marx once quipped, “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms”

And the guy organising the whole sad and sorry fiasco, a dumb-assed, jumped-up PE-teacher type called Sebastian Coe who cannot tell his arse from his elbow. At one time he was quite a good runner. These days he is called “Lord Coe”, and spends his time swanning about with the Olympic elite in big limousines on their specially reserved traffic lanes, all at our expense, of course.

Meanwhile the IOC is trying to kid us that the Olympics will leave us Brits with some great sporting legacy. In reality this will be a crappy stadium that will eventually be turned into a football pitch, once the legal wrangling is over, and a 100 metre-tall lump of scrap metal that is no use for anything.

Worst of all, we’ll have yet another massive debt, to add to that already shouldered by the taxpayer, thanks to the as-yet-unpunished criminal activities of the banksters at RBS etc.

All this so we can watch the only Brit who wins anything score a bronze with his air rifle. What a disgusting waste of valuable resources.

Honk! Honk! 🙂