Dawn of a new age or the same old piss in a different shaped bottle?

I’m not a huge fan of political celebrations. Nevertheless, I have to say I was actually quite moved by last night’s goings on over there on the other side of the pond. It’s not just the obvious: USA ‘s 44th president being a black man and the signal that ends out to the rest of the planet. Don’t forget that before the changes forced by the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, some states did not even allow black people to vote! And it’s end of the Bush dynasty and a massive poke in the eye for the the appalling Republican neo-cons who enabled “Dubbya” to rule over the most inept and corrupt administration the USA has ever suffered.

I was also very taken with the conciliatory nature and graciousness of both John McCains concession speech and of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. I felt both men actually displayed great dignity and wisdom – and I am not exactly a big fan of politicians. It was also quite reassuring in an age when one could be forgiven for thinking that democracy is dead, to see the massive turnout and how many young Americans actually took part.

Obviously the devil is in the detail and many observers suggest this will probably be the shortest election honeymoon period in history. But for now, I’ll suspend my usual scepticism and disbelief and wish all concerned all the best in what some have described as “America’s Mandela moment”.

Honk! Honk!