Killer clowns and silver linings

Seems killer clowns (or the fear thereof) have significantly reduced the number of trick-or-treaters on the streets tonight – certainly round our way.

Usually on Halloween, our little street is full of the horrid little goblins, with their hands out demanding sweets or money. Last year parents were actually ferrying their porcine little horrors down here in huge people movers, from surrounding council estates, under the illusion that pickings would be richer round here. While the parents sat in their vans smoking a fag, of course.

Whereas this year I saw just one very orderly child escorted by both parents at the beginning of the evening. They looked more more like they were off to a party than knocking on doors bothering people. And the family next door walked down the road a few minutes ago to another family’s place, dressed up a bit – but very, very quiet. And again, accompanied by both parents.

All-in all it’s been the most pleasant Halloween for decades. So that’s three-cheers for the killer clowns as far as I am concerned – even if most of the ensuing hysteria was made-up and hyped-up by the popular press. What was it like round your way?