Shattaf – a healthy solution to the toilet roll shortage

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, seems we also have the deeply undignified spectacle of fully grown adults publicly fighting each other as they snatch and hoard toilet rolls. At the risk of seeming crude, I'd rather wipe my bottom on a stinging nettle than squabble with strangers in a supermarket over who takes home the last packet of bog roll. However, I'm pleased to report that my dignity and my rear-end are both safe, since I dragged-out my "Happy Plumbers Tool Kit" and retrofitted a shattaf  to each of our toilets instead... Left: complete installation including toilet, cistern, isolating valve… Read More ►

Covid 19 “Honest Government Ad”

They say "many a true word spoken in jest". This seems particularly applicable to this short video produced by Australia's JuiceMedia... Background to the video JuiceMedia's "Honest Government Ad" started life as satire.  But its probably the most truthful representation where we are right now with COVID-19. This associated video podcast explains its background... Read More ►

Reliable COVID-19 information

The World Health Organization is arguably one of the planet's foremost sources of accurate medical information. I have admired WHO for many years and its site is always worth a visit, even when there isn't a global public health crisis. But its Daily Situation Reports are superb. Lots of information presented in a clear and easily understood manner... You might also find its main COVID-19 page helpful. I certainly do... WHO Health Emergency Dashboard... Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation... Meantime the following simulation helps one to understand better how a disease such as COVID-19 can spread...… Read More ►