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I enjoy what I do. However, I never claim to be an expert. I am more of a perpetual student. I’m always amazed and somewhat baffled by how much there is to learn and how little I really know. Consequently, this site is here as much to help me understand the world as it is to try to provide a useful resource to the broader community.

When I venture out into the streets of sunny Southampton, I’m usually seen sporting a camera and perhaps a radio scanner or a portable computer. Friends sometimes describe me as having a ‘boyish enthusiasm‘ because I really do like my toys. Less charitable observers suggest that I have a mental age of twelve! OK, so generally I don’t take the world particularly seriously but I do believe one should treat the planet and all its inhabitants with kindness & respect. As we say round these parts, “What goes around, comes around.”

I enjoy my work too and I always have lots of projects on the boil. Some would say I’ve made a lifestyle of it.

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