Hey, Hey, Rise-Up

"Hey, Hey, Rise-Up!" released on 2022-04-08, is Pink Floyd's first new song since 1994. It will be used to raise funds for humanitarian causes associated with the warin Ukraine. It samples Andriy Khlyvnyuk, a member of one of Ukraine's biggest bands, BoomBox, singing in Sofiyskaya Square in Kyiv, in a video clip that went viral.… Read More »

Szofi come home

My wife is Hungarian. Like many folks in central Europe, Hungarians have a particular affinity for white storks. Even during the soviet era, lampposts often had huge plinths welded to the top, so that these massive wild birds can build their nests. Throughout the various COVID lock-downs my wife started following various European stork nests… Read More »

Covid 19 “Honest Government Ad”

They say "many a true word spoken in jest". This seems particularly applicable to this short "honest government" video produced by Australia's JuiceMedia... Background to the video JuiceMedia's "Honest Government Ad" started life as satire.  But its probably the most truthful representation where we are right now with COVID-19. This associated video podcast explains its… Read More »