Covid 19 “Honest Government Ad”

They say "many a true word spoken in jest". This seems particularly applicable to this short video produced by Australia's JuiceMedia... Background to the video JuiceMedia's "Honest Government Ad" started life as satire.  But its probably the most truthful representation where we are right now with COVID-19. This associated video podcast explains its background... Read More ►

BREAKING: Brexit voters to be to pay extra “Brexit Tax” to pay for leaving the EU

It appeared on the AP this morning and hasn't hit the mainstream news yet, but the EU has just announced that ongoing Brexit negotiations have cost in excess of €1,500,000,000. Brussels has decided that the fairest way to recuperate this money is to tax those who actually voted for it. The current proposal is that Brexit voters will have €100 added to their Council Tax bill. Those who don't pay Council Tax will have it deducted from their benefits. Since the €1,740,000,000 is a little more than needed, it is proposed to spend the remaining €240,000,000 to give overworked politicians… Read More ►