USB Type D

Having all become familiar with USB C, seems the USB Group has just announced an even newer and faster connection standard, to be known as “USB D”. Of course, like all new Universal Serial Bus connectors, it will be completely incompatible with all previous USB standards.

To guarantee incompatibility, the new connectors will be circular. According to the USB Group, the computer-using public liked the 180° reversible USB C type connector so much, the USB Group decided the next generation should be usable horizontally, vertically, diagonally, upside-down and even slightly sideways too. So the fact that you will require another shedload of adaptors to power all your old kit is a very small price to pay.

The announcement of the USB Type D connector coincides with the public release of version 5.0 of the USB standard. This has a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 500 terabytes per second. Meanwhile, its extensive use of AI-designed superconductor materials in its construction means it can deliver up to 60 kilowatts of power, at up to 600 volts and current of up to 100 amps.

So in addition to becoming the new standard for charging cameras, laptops and mobile phones, it is also expected to be the new EU standard for charging electric vehicles. 


In a recent press release, USB Group’s chief engineer, Hugh Jardon explains the Group’s excitement about its latest development:-

In addition to being usable regardless of how dark it is or what you’ve been smoking, USB Type D also means the next generation digital cameras will charge from empty in about three seconds. A phone will fully charge in about five seconds and a laptop in around ten seconds. Then you can charge your car with the same lead as you use to charge all your other stuff. Thus saving a small fortune on USB leads.

Use of AI-designed superconductive materials also means a Type D cable’s bandwidth is unaffected by its length. USB group has already successfully tested its new Type D/USB 5.0 standard, with no measurable voltage drop or loss of bandwidth in cable lengths up to 5000 km.

Early adopters

With regard to likely adoption of the new standards, USB 5.0 is already embedded in the Linux kernel and is expected in next major release of MacOS too. Microsoft says it’s never heard of it, but when it does, it will probably try to buy it and sell it to everyone else under license.

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