New Millennium Ezine

Potted history

  • The New Millennium electronic magazine is ironically the oldest remaining part of the site – dating back to 1995:-
  • It  was was an experimental but slightly dysfunctional quarterly e-zine that ran from 1995 December 27th through to 1999 December 25.
  • It’s quirky but honest view of the world attracted contributors and readers from all around the planet.

The New Millennium was a big project, undertaken on a shoestring budget. It resulted in a large site – certainly for the mid-late nineties – run by a team of enthusiastic writers receiving and trying to answer stacks of emails from all around the world. All of this became difficult to manage especially as the project failed to generate any revenue.

My father, David Lucas was major contributor and supporter. Unfortunately he died suddenly on the afternoon of 1999-11-18. My enthusiasm for the project waned as the magazine ran its last edition at 1999 Christmas. I concentrated on getting over the loss and on my commercial work. The site was allowed to rot for a while as the remaining members of the team started projects of their own.

New Millennium cover by SMSIt was written entirely by contributors who don’t fit neatly into someone else’s’ boxes. But I think this gave it ‘soul’. I met some amazing people and brought on board even more amazing people that I already knew. I learnt much.

The ‘Milly‘ offers a record of some of people I’ve met – some via the net, some via the real world and quite a few more in the real world wanting to meet others in the virtual world! Many started their own sites as a result.  I even ended up teaching some of its readers how to write web pages. Hard to say how many lives ‘The Milly‘ really touched.



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