Welcome to my image gallery. I am quite a keen photographer and I am particularly fond of digital cameras. I also rather like putting very old lenses on very new cameras. These galleries have been assembled over the last twenty years or so, on a variety of different cameras. There are also assorted screengrabs and wallpapers that are/will provide graphical content for various articles and journal entries. But if you just like looking at pictures, then this is the place for you…

Cartoons, memes and photos that did the rounds during Trumps appalling time in office. Some of them are a bit rude! But then, so is Trump...

These screengrabs either relate to journal articles or to other projects and make very little sense on their own. But feel free to browse anyway.

Garf Technology Christmas card covers from the very first one back in 1988.

A few weeks in and around Havana

Istanbul in a very cold February

I stayed with an old friend in Prague, way back in 1993.

Editor’s note: this gallery system is based on NextGen gallery. It is envisaged that ultimately it will supersede our old Coppermine-based media library, certainly for management of images. There will inevitably be some duplication. Coppermine was installed back in 2006, when 640 x 480 pixels was considered a “large image” for the internet. The old Coppermine gallery is still available, though we are not accepting any third party users any more.