A surprisingly straightforward studio flash repair

Back in 2015 I bought 3 pairs of  studio flash heads (one pair 400 joule, one pair 360 joule and one pair 200 joule). They were supplied as bargain bundles, complete with stands, brollies etc. via sellers on eBay. They were quite a bargain. Each flash head worked out at approximately £50 per unit,  They are branded "Senweit" but were actually manufactured by Shenzhen Nice Photographic Equipment Co.,Ltd. They were "end of line" products. In fact, I understand the product was discontinued in or around 2014. They are also beautifully made with (mostly ) metal casing and all-metal 16mm mounting… Read More ►

Ulefone 3w ruggedised smartphone

I recently purchased an unlocked Chinese Ulefone Armor 3W. - c/w  Mediatek chipset, 8-core 64-bit CPU, dual unlocked SIM slots, 256GiB TF slot and 10700mAH battery. I have quite a soft-spot for cheap generic Chinese phones. Of course, one has to choose the product quite carefully. One also needs to be prepared to a little work oneself. Because of its high power and relatively low cost, I did not feel particularly scared about experimenting with it via ADB (Android Debug Bridge). If one is successful, then  the device becomes a seriously useful handheld computer at a bargain-basement price. And if… Read More ►