Macromedia Flash has rather gone out of fashion these days. But in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s it was everywhere on the web. Some of them were really rather good. Here is a small assortment of my all-time favourites I have collected over the years.

Please note, none of these are my work. All I have done is collected and curated them, for old time’s sake. Also note they are all in Macromedia/Adobe SWF “Flash” format and will require some sort of flash player installed and enabled on your system.


  • These presentations are in Macromedia/Adobe SWF format and require an SWF “flash” plug-in installed and enabled on your browser.
  • Adobe discontinued Flash support in 2021. However there are alternatives. Our current favourite is Ruffle. This may be obtained  by searching your browser’s available extensions/plug-ins. Ruffle works a treat with al our legacy flash presentations. More info…
  • If you are the owner of any of these items and you do not wish it to be used on this site the please contact me, with proof of ownership, and it will be removed ASAP.