The secret documents at Mar-a-Largo

I have just been listening to Mr Trump and his supporters explaining the situation concerning all those crates of secret documents that the FBI found in is house at Mar-a Largo.

Apparently, the documents were all planted at Mar-a-Lardo by the FBI, they were not at all important, and Mr Trump had declassified them all anyway. All the nuclear stuff is well known by everybody and is all on your mobile phone, erm, probably. And all the threats to kill FBI personnel are all FBI false flags designed to make Trump and his far right followers look like a bunch of violently insane shit-heads.

Also, the whole thing has made Mr Trump even more popular than ever and he will definitely win a landslide in 2024. So, if you have any spare cash lying around, send it to him right now, because for some reason, he seems rather keen to get his plane fixed up ASAP… 😉


Seems some Chump supporters are suggesting that folks should clean up their phones just in case the Feds show up unexpectedly. So here goes…

Cleaning up my phone - you never know when the Feds might show up! :-)

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