Dim Lizzy for PM

Just when we thought the Tories couldn’t possibly inflict anyone worse than Bore Arse upon us, along comes Dim Lizzy. Worst past the post, Liz Truss really is dim. She also changes what she likes to describe as her “mind” as often as some people change their underpants. We’ve seen some piss-poor Tory leaders over the years. Nevertheless, the Tories really are scraping the proverbial barrel this time, giving the top  job to this gormless halfwit.

Explaining Dim Lizzy to Americans

Jonathan Pie just finished a skit for the New York Times, attempting to describe Liz Truss and the mess her party has made of Britain to an American audience. As ever, I think Mr Pie summarises our current predicament perfectly. Despite being a tad sweary, he still manages to deploy fewer expletives that I’m using at the moment…

Dim Lizzy’s infamously bizarre “cheese” speech.

One of life’s “WTF” moments: Dim Lizzy’s dumbass cheese speech at the 2014 Conservative party conference – featuring apples and pairs, and Melton Mowbray pork pies…

An English Pie that Liz Truss probably isn’t very fond of

A skit from 2021-09-21 when Dim Lizzy was promoted to Foreign Secretary…

Dim Lizzy “being fully mental”

Just in case you still need proof that Dim Lizzy really is as thick as shit

The political divide

Finally “Prime Minister’s Question Time” 2022-09-07. It shows just how far removed Dim Lizzy and the Tory party she leads are from reality. It also demonstrates how little the Tories understand the lives that normal British people lead today. Seems she really thinks that not taxing oil companies’ massive windfall profits whilst actually cutting corporation tax will improve the lives of ordinary people. Seems she is so stupid that she still actually believes the so-called “trickle down economy” benefits the poor, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Listen to her spout more far-right magical thinking – they type that benefits the rich but utterly screws-over the rest of us…


Last but not least, I’d like to dedicate this article to my cousin Kym, from whom I recently learned term “Dim Lizzy” to describe the mentally-challenged creature that now inhabits #10 Downing Street. And I’m not referring to Larry the Cat.

A few words about Larry the Downing Street Cat

Now, Larry is the complete opposite of Dim Lizzy. He’s cute, attractive, intelligent and does not wander around the country saying stupid things just to get attention. In fact, he is probably the most intelligent and honourable inhabitant of #10 Downing Street in recent years. He is certainly the most interesting. So it only seems fitting that Larry should have the last word on this subject…



Larry even has his very own Wikipedia page, and it is a lot more interesting than Dim Lizzy’s…


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