Long Live Ukraine | хай живе Україна

Long Live Ukraine – a collection of Ukraine-related video-feeds, hyperlinks, newsfeeds, artwork and memes.

Kyiv live webcams

[Editor’s note 2022-04-15: These web cameras went off line a couple of days ago. We don’t know why? We’ve left the YouTube placeholder here in case they return.]

These are normally busy city streets. Thanks to Vlad the Failure, they are eerily quiet. This is best viewed full screen (click the dashed square in the bottom right of the video). Ukraine local time is currently three hours ahead of universal time (UTC+3).


A few of these are humorous memes. The rest serve as a painful reminder us of horrific human tragedy that is currently unfolding before our eyes. I plan to add to them as the conflict progresses.


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Links  directly related to Ukraine

Fairly reliable British News sites

Hacktivist Twitter accounts

These may or may not be relevant to Ukraine

Useful browser plug-in if you want to see Twitter posts without joining or logging in

Getting around Internet Censorship

Google Translate

Other Ukraine related sites


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