E73 Tunnels

This is a remake of an earlier video, driving through the Hungarian M6 / E73 Mecsek Tunnels. Only this time it has a new soundtrack written by Rob Weller. I always liked Rob’ s work. So I jumped at the chance of using one of his tracks for this. In fact, he wrote it specially. Spoiler alert: there are no crashes and no road rage incidents in this video. Just a relatively pleasant drive though some quite interesting tunnels – if you like that sort of thing…

Hungary’s M6 motorway is part of UNECE route E73, AKA the “Pan-European Corridor Vc”. Video starts 2019-12-30 14:52 UTC, on the Palotabozsoki-vízfolyás Viaduct, 172 km south of Budapest. It  takes us through all four Strabag constructed tunnels under the Mecsek mountain range.

How I made the video

I thought I’d write a few words about how I made the video. The camera was a cheap-and-cheerful Ulefone Armor 3w ruggedised smartphone, held by hand. The video editor was KDE’s excellent Kdenlive. Kdenlive is free, open source and really rather good.
Kdenlive screengrab - processing the E73 video

Kdenlive screengrab – processing the E73 video

If you are a GNU/Linux user, then Kdenlive is almost certainly in your chosen distribution’s software repository. If your distro of choice is KDE Neon, then with any luck, you have the latest version. At time of writing, the latest version is v22.04.

For those interested in transitions, titles, how well it uses stills etc., please scroll forward to around the 3:05 position for some samples.

If you still run Microsoft Windows, then you can download a Kdenlive for Windows from Kdenlive’s site:-

And if you are bored with your Linux distro and want some elegant and frequently-updated eye-candy, on a very stable LTS (long term support) base, then you may wish to take a look at KDE Neon:-

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