Iraq fiasco

I didn’t want to go to war. I don’t know anyone in the UK who did. So you’ll be glad to learn that it seems our press is finally waking up to the fact that people this side of the pond are more than a little hacked-off that Blair & his cronies have continually lied their heads off about Iraq – conning us into a war that no one except the criminally insane wanted in the first place…

Of course, Tony Blair is an anagram of ‘liar by ton’ – a fact I discovered when I stumbled across a site full of unflattering Blair/Bush anagrams.


Anyway, according to former (& slightly senile) BBC American correspondent Alistair Cook, in his 15 minute slot on BBC World service entitled ‘Letter From America’, Blair is held in great esteem in the US. Is this true? Bollocks I say! Blair may be more intelligent than Bush not difficult let’s face it – but he is just as dishonest! Take it from me, Blair & his buddies are as bent as a nine pound note!

Worse than Thatcher – the woman who proved that mad-cow-disease could indeed be transferred to humans – Blair has serious delusions of grandeur as he contemplates his place in history. Originally, he thought this would be achieved by taking UK into the Euro currency (quite a good idea IMHO). Instead he got us mixed up in this Iraq fiasco. In fact Blair has led the UK into five wars since his election in 1997 – Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan & Iraq. But it’s a war of a different kind I find particularly intriguing…

One of Blair’s most senior, yet unelected spin doctors, a shadowy character called Alistair Campbell, recently launched a vicious verbal & written attack of the BBC for daring to suggest that the first Iraq Dossier was ‘sexed up’.

Bad move IMHO because ‘Aunty Beeb’ is still quite highly regarded here. Even our seemingly gullible electorate, when given the choice of ‘who do you trust, Blair or Beeb’, only a total moron would choose that grinning shyster. Even if Blair were more honest than Jesus Christ, we Brits would think twice before buying a second-hand car from a bloke who smiles so much!

Not that our poker-faced & stammering Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw ranks much higher in our affections. He has finally admitted that the second Iraq Dossier – the one that was plagiarised from a 10 year old PHD student’s thesis posted on the internet same document that Colin Powel told the UN was an exquisite piece of work was, and I quote, ‘a complete Horlicks’. Of course, our last Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook resigned over Iraq before hostilities began because he didn’t believe his Government’s pro-war hype. Nevertheless, despite the ‘dodgy dossier’ & the diminishing credibility of the first waste-of-paper, the ‘Man of Straw’ still insists the Niger plutonium bullshit is actually true. However he fails to produce any real evidence to support this view.

Or to be more precise, the flimsy evidence he does offer is at least 12 years old!

Looks like the Niger plutonium thing is starting to give the Aussie PM John Howard a bit of a headache too!

And I’m really glad to see that Bush is finally coming under a bit of fire at home.

What took the Democrats so long? Perhaps it may take a few honest Republicans to join the fight too? Presumably there are some? Seems to me that impeachment is too good for Bush. Prison seems more appropriate! IMHO the ‘high crime’ of starting an illegal war really deserves a custodial sentence. Perhaps Bush could be sentenced to share a 2-metre-square, open-air cage with Blair for a while; somewhere ‘nice & sunny’ like Guantanamo? Actually, we’d settle for Blair doing a spell at ‘Her Majesty’s pleasure’ in one of our crumbling, overcrowded & inhumane ruins that he has allowed to fill-to-the-brim & decay due to lack of funds. Ah well, one can dream.

Talking of grotesque, flagrant abuses of power, I wonder if there’s any truth in this, from the Canadian-based Global Research website?

Well that’s enough depressing stuff for now. My message to the ‘real’ Americans is, keep up the protests. Be as big a pain-in-the-ass as you can! It seems to me that the true American heroes are the ones who stand up against injustice & wrongdoing – not those who ‘just follow orders’.

I am constantly meeting people who, IMHO, unfairly regard USA as a nation of ‘gun-slinging warmongers’ and/or ‘corporate fraudsters. This is largely thanks to the actions of that monkey-faced moron in the White House & the shady bunch of ‘neocon’ loonies that pull his strings. Yet, despite growing misgivings about the Iraq war in the UK press, even in the Murdoch-owned sector, our mainstream media still shows very little of the ‘real’ America & what people of principle are about.

Like Saddam and his mates, Bush and his cronies now have a deck of cards produced in their honour. Dubbed the ‘Worlds Least Wanted’, I thought this was quite an amusing idea…

In fact the site provides a thoroughly splendid resource for those of us who are less than happy with our leaders. Might even reduce my Guinness consumption for a few days & send them a few quid.

Finally, this isn’t exactly news so you have probably heard it before but I found this quote from Herman Goering on the ‘Resource Center for Non Violence’ website quite thought provoking…

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