Egg on face for Micro$haft CEO, compliments of irate Budapest student

I’m not really a fan of violent protest. But in this incident, I think the Hungarian egg terrorist deserves a medal. It took place in Budapest, Hungary on 2008-05-19. Note the way the egg thrower just wanders off after the event. Also note the caption on the back of his shirt: “Microsoft = Corruption”

Seems this young man wants Monkey-Boy-Ballmer to return the 25 billion Hungarian forints Micro$haft has extracted from the Hungarian people for its overpriced but under-performing products. Indeed, Hungarians, like many other computer users around the planet have a lot of reasons to be severely displeased with Micro$haft. For example, Charlie Barcza:-

Mind you, with a target as large as Ballmer, this Hungarian guy must have been a rotten shot! Or perhaps the eggs were formatted with Vista? Or perhaps he should use goose eggs next time. They are bigger! 🙂

Honk! Honk!

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