Not a conspiracy theorist!

The other day, someone accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. So I thought as long and hard about this as my little goosy brain would allow.

You see, I really don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories. I think our present situation (e.g. the stupid, costly wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, MP’s fiddling their expenses, financial meltdown, banker’s outrageous bonuses et al) is better explained by cock-up theory – obviously with generous measures of good, old-fashioned greed, ignorance and stupidity thrown-in.

If one considers that Fiascos R US our Government, and many of those who run our “great” corporations really could not organise a proverbial booze-up in a brewery, and that primarily their main objective is fast, short-term gains, then it is hard to imagine that anything they conspired to do would ever have very much long-term success. Therefore, I believe it is cock-up and not conspiracy that really gives our current situation its lingering, dung-like aroma and consistency.

Honk! Honk!

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