Why Rupert won’t dump Rebekah

I’d like share a few goosy thoughts on the News of the Screws World phone hacking scandal, that seems to have gripped our green and pleasant land.

Former Screws editor Rebekah Brooks is an ambitious, clever and thoroughly ruthless woman. As many commentators have already observed, it is highly unlikely that anything of any significance occurred on her watch without her knowledge. So why doesn’t Murdoch simply throw the lovely Ms Brooks to the wolves? We’re led to believe that it is because the lack of unity would mess up his BSkyB deal.

However, recent allegations regarding the activities of the the wrinkly media mogul’s offspring, James Murdoch, suggest to me that there may be another reason. What if the Murdoch family itself has a far greater involvement this catalogue of evil than we have been led believe?

Put bluntly, if Rupert dumps Rebekah, then she would squeal like a stuck pig. Remember, she’s smart, spiteful and has absolutely no morals at all. Also bear in mind that she was a competent tabloid journalist. Therefore, she probably has enough dirt on both Murdochs Jr and Sr to have the pair thrown in the slammer, if they were foolish enough to upset her.

Hell hath no fury and all that. Honk! Honk!

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