Which CMS has GarfNet chosen and why did you choose it?

Editor’s note: this article dates back to 2005 and is VERY obsolete. It is here for historical interest only.

Currently we are evaluating a number of quite different Content Management Systems. For the main part of the site it was a battle between Joomla & PHP-Nuke. Both are good systems. However Joomla’s administration tools are a lot better, and much less idiosyncratic.

GarfNet Pictures is managed by an excellent CMS called Coppermine. We plan to integrate Joomla & Coppermine eventually.

Mr Goose chose another excellent product for his blog, called WordPress. And we are heavily experimenting with a dedicated educational product called Moodle for distance learning provision.
Our Moodle site can be found at http://www.deoss.org/moodle

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