What is the best media player for the GarfNet internet radio tuner?

The internet radio tuner is cross-platform compatible and should work on any modern operating system. If you are still using M$ Windows, chances are you will see the Windows Media Player above the station selector picklist. This is actually a fairly good player and should work fine on Windows systems.

We use Linux and our machines use either MPlayer or VLC player. I am a big fan of the French-developed mulit-platform VLC player and as a standalone media player it is a “must-have” application regardless of whether you run Linux, Macintosh or Windows. But as a media-player-plugin, the Hungarian-built Mplayer is hard to beat and is the one we currently recommend for GarfNet’s internet radio tuner.

It is important to understand that the radio streams listed in the internet radio tuner are not provided by GarfNet. All we have done is provide a selection of links to them via our tuner page. The GarfNet internet radio tuner web page actually calls the media player from your machine and links it to a variety of on-line radio stream sources. Thus no radio content is delivered from GarfNet at all (apart from the initial recording of the now-defunct “Lincolnshire Poacher” spy station).

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