Research & Development

I spend countless hours on what I loosely call “research”. This covers a multitude of ‘sins’ but is essential for the future of my business. These are a few of the projects I have been working on…

Date Start
Date End
Project Description
EFS – electronic filing system using affordable high street technology. I have produced several technical papers on this subject for existing clients & will publish them here shortly.
MSc degree in Health Informatics.
BA Degree in Information Technology.
1970 (seriously!)
VirtualHead. This is a sort of neural database system designed to give the user the feeling of cruising through your own thoughts in virtual space. The VirtualHead name was registered with the UK patents office in 2001. And I will be publishing a draft paper within the next twelve months.
GarfNet. Originally set up to host an EZine called The New Millennium, GarfNet became the test bed for a huge variety of web experiments. GarfNet has always used Open Source software, first on FreeBSD and then on Linux. But today it runs a wide variety of open source projects with many more in the pipeline.
DEOSS – development & education via Open Source System. This was original set up to host a Moodle project but now hots a variety of courses and discussion boards for medical and other professional. It was also intended to prove that open source softweare could form a significant role in a valid business model.

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