I have mixed feelings about patents & trademarks. On the one hand I believe in the free sharing of ideas. On the other hand one also needs to protect one’s intellectual property, not so much from the small guys but from big corporations. I have shied away from attempting to register any software patents. I believe these are not in the best interest of the computer industry. However I have registered some of my product names as trademarks with the UK Patent Office. 

Currently I am the proud owner of seven UK registered trademarks…

  1. Garf Technology – my business trading name
  2. Mr Goose (logo) – we wouldn’t want anyone stealing Mr Goose now would we?
  3. Mr Goose (name)
  4. VirtualHead – This is the name of a long-standing projects. It would be too messy (and expensive) to patent this, even if I wanted to!
  5. WebOnCD – WebOnCD isn’t rocket science. It is a means of putting web-pages on CD ROM in an orderly, easily replicated manner.
  6. DEOSS – Development & Education via Open Source Systems
  7. DentWiki – The Dental Wikipedia.

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