Viewing Garfnet

Viewing this site

  • This site is designed to be viewed on a nice big screen with as many colours as your computer can muster It is best viewed at 1024×768 pixels, or bigger @ 16.8 million colours. However, this is also a so-called “responsive” site and most of the content scales reasonably well for small mobile devices, as it auto-sizes to fit various screen resolutions. It seems to run OK on Android, iOS, GNU/Linux, Mac and MS Windows in almost any reasonably modern browser.
  • Programming, HTML coding, creation of static content, all undertaken by Garfield Lucas, using fairly simple HTML and a smattering of Javascript.
  • Dynamic content for the main site is managed by WordPress content management system.
  • The old media library (GarfNet Pictures+Media) runs on Coppermine.
  • Newer, larger resolution images are in NextGen Gallery, which is an integrated WordPress gallery plug-in
  • Mr Goose’s blog uses WordPress.
  • I have generally only used JavaScript where necessary and appropriate.
  • There are no pop-up or banner advertisements, trojans or any such other irritating nonsense on this site.
  • I’ve tried to make all links to other sites clearly identifiable as such.
  • Site uses CSS (cascading style sheets).
  • Site runs on Debian Linux version 8.
  • Webserver software is Apache version 2.4
  • The back-end database is MySQL version 5.x and is used for storing dynamic content.
  • Site uses PHP (Pretty Hypertext Preprocessing) version 5.x
  • Static part of site uses ‘frames’.
  • This site uses ISO 8601 date format (CCYY-MM-DD). Unfortunately not all our contributors have quite caught up yet and some dates within their contributions may be in one of the older formats.
  • Similarly, this is a metric site and metric units are used throughout. If you have difficulty understanding the metric system then you might find our units converter handy.

Recommended browser

  • This site is generally quite “standards compliant” (though we had to bend the odd rule here and there) and should work fine in almost any modern web browser. However it seems the best browser to view this site with is Mozilla Firefox. There are versions available for Linux, Macintosh OS 10 & Windows.I think that for both security and usability, it beats the pants off M$ Internet Explorer! And it uninstalls cleanly if you decide you don’t like it. Mozilla is available for free download from…