Welcome to GarfNet Clocks. Actually I can’t claim any credit for these clocks. I have been collecting these from the internet for many years. As far as I am aware these are all in the public domain. Where possible, there is a link back to the original author’s site. In other cases, the author is simply unknown.

We have nearly three hundred over at the GarfNet Media site, but here’s a taster….


  • These presentations are in Macromedia/Adobe SWF format and require an SWF “flash” plugin installed on your browser.
  • Adobe discontinued Flash support in 2021. However there are alternatives. Our current favourite is Ruffle. This may be obtained  by searching your browser’s available extensions/plug-ins. Ruffle works a treat with al our legacy flash presentations. More info…
  • If you are the owner of any of these items and you do not wish it to be used on this site the please contact me, with proof of ownership, and it will be removed ASAP.