Battery formulation – IEC codes

The open circuit voltage and the capacity of  battery depends on what its made of, i.e. its formulation. This table lists the various formulations and the IEC letter used to indicate them. Please note that the positve electrode chemicals listed in the table below have hyperlinks linking to their related Wikipedia article.

Letter code Positive electrode Electrolyte Negative electrode Nominal voltage End-point
L Manganese dioxide Alkali Zinc 1.5 1.0
S Silver oxide Alkali Zinc 1.55 1.2
P Oxygen Alkali Zinc 1.65 1.4
C Manganese dioxide Organic Litdium 3 2.0
B Carbon monofluoride Organic Litdium 3 2.0
G Copper oxide Organic Litdium 1.5 1.2