Mathematical and other constants

This is a small collection of constants that might come in handy. These were collected in the days before Google. So it is possible to obtain more accurate numbers on line. But I rather like having them in one place. Besides, they work on my old sliderule just fine!

Pi p 3.14159265
e e 2.71828183

Absolute zero (0 Kelvin)
-273.160000 Celsius
Acceleration due to Earth’s gravity a 9.81 metres/second²
Avogadro’s number N 6.02E-023 molecules/mole
Electronic charge e 1.60E-019 coulombs
Electron, mass of m 9.11E-031 kg
Electron, charge/mass ratio e/m 1.76E+011 coulombs/kg
Electron, radius of r 2.19E-015 metres
Faraday’s Constant F 66487 C/mole
Gas Constant R 8.31E+000 j/K/mole
Gravitational constant G 6.67E-011 Newtons metres²/kg
Latent heat of evaporation of water
2.26E+006 joules/kg
Latent heat of fusion of ice
333400 joules/kg
Mechanical equivalent of heat
4.18 joules/calorie
Plank’s constant h 6.63E-034 joules seconds
Velocity of sound at STP
343.6 metres/second
Velocity of light in vacuo c 299792500 metres/second

Radius of Planet Earth
6378100 metres
Geostationary Orbit
35786000 metres