Icom R-20

TV sound frequencies, OIRT countries

This is the list of television audio carrier frequencies for the OIRT countries – mainly ex-members of the former Soviet bloc. Obviously you need a radio receiver capable of receiving these frequencies, such as the AOR 8200 or the Icom IC-R20. Or you could just use a localised TV of course!

Anyway we created a series of these tables, based upon the data supplied with the Icom IC-R20 and from various websites. So now you can listen to the TV wherever your travels may take you!

Channel Frequency (MHz) Modulation
1 56.250 WFM
2 65.750 WFM
3 83.750 WFM
4 91.750 WFM
5 99.750 WFM
6 181.750 WFM
7 189.750 WFM
8 197.750 WFM
9 205.750 WFM
10 213.750 WFM
11 221.750 WFM
12 229.750 WFM