Windows applications running successfully on Linux using WINE

Linux screengrab featuring some of my images

At time of writing, we have got all the following Windoze apps running very adequately on Linux – using either WINE or Codeweavers Crossover (a commercial implementation of WINE). Of course we have replaced many legacy Windoze applications with equivalent (or sometimes better) Linux apps. Other Windoze apps are currently irreplaceable. This is an assessment of the current situation…

Screengrab shows ThumbsPlus v7 for Windows running on Kubuntu Linux.
The model is MJay.

  1. Acoustica v2.42. (Partly replaced by Audacity).
  2. Adobe Photoshop v7 (100% replaced by GIMP c/w GEGL & GMiC).
  3. Adobe Pagemaker v6.5 (CW Table Editor, Micro$oft table converter and all the other doodads).
  4. Animator v9. (Rep;aced by GAP – GIMP Animation Package).
  5. Audiograbber 1.83 (100% replaced by KDE SoundKonverter).
  6. BMP2AVI converter
  7. Butel I-Clone20 Icom IC-R20 radio scanner control software
  8. Collins (British) English Dictionary (an oldie but goodie that I can’t live without).
  9. CorelDRAW v9.
  10. CorelPHOTOPAINT v9 (100% replaced by GIMP).
  11. DARTPro 32 Sound processing software. (100% replaced by Audacity)
  12. DVDDecrypter v3.54 (for educational purposes only!) (partly replaced by DVD::Rip).
  13. Electronics Assitant v3.3
  14. Eraser v5.5.2.0. (100% Repaced by secure-erase)
  15. Funduc Directory Toolkit (100% replaced by KDE Krusader in root mode and utterly surpassed by MirrorDir and RSync commandline tools – which is MUCH faster and handles large datasets much better)
  16. Funduc Search and Replace v4.9 (100% Replaced by KRename).
  17. FTP Explorer v1.0 (100% Replaced by Konqueror. Konqueror also supports SSHFS & FISH which are secure protocols.)
  18. Icom CS-R20 scanner cloning software. How to do it.
  19. Irfanview v3.95 (100% replaced by Gwenview).
  20. Isobuster v1.9 (100% replaced and surpassed by AcetoneISO)
  21. JASC Paintshop Pro v7.0 (mainly replaced by GIMP though Paintshop Pro has a few unique tools).
  22. MediaChance Photobrush v3.02 & 3.50 (mainly replaced by GIMP though Photobrush has a few unique tools).
  23. Microsoft Internet Explorer v5, v5.5 & v6 (100% replaced by Firefox).
  24. Microsoft Office 2002 including
    1. Access.
    2. Excel (Replaced by Calc).
    3. Frontpage (100% replaced by Semonkey’s built-in HTML editor. Note FP is a bit flaky under WINE).
    4. Outlook (100% replaced by Thunderbird).
    5. Powerpoint (100% replaced by Presenter).
    6. Word (Replaced by Writer exept for mailmerges to MS Access).
  25. MS Office/VBA based applications including
    1. GarfBase
    2. FlexiDENT
  26. Microsoft Money v3.0 and v2001 (horrid but once-necessary app which is 100% replaced by the excellent GnuCash).
  27. MPegJoiner
  28. PHPRunner v4.0. How to .
  29. Soundforge v4.0 including DirectX plugins. (Partly replaced by Audacity)
  30. Studio Factory.
  31. Synth Factory.
  32. ThumbsPlus v6.0 and v 7.0 (partly replaced by Gwenview) How to it on Linux. Also see……p_id=741;tips=1
  33. Testbeeld v1.0 (Philips PM5644 style test pattern generator).
  34. TMPGEnc v2.5 (partly replaced by Mencoder).
  35. WildRenamer (100% replaced by KDE Krename).
  36. WinAmp (100% replaced by Amarok)
  37. WinHTTrack (100% replaced by WebHTTrack).
  38. WinRar v3.41 (100% replaced by Ark for unpacking. Also, RAR is now available for Linux as a command line app).
  39. Winzip (superseded because loads of Linux apps handle zip files).

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