Buying tips


These days I am more concerned with bangs-per-buck rather than the latest, greatest technology. This kit is so disposable nowadays and the technology changes so quickly that I think you need to adopt a completely different purchase strategy. This is my strategy for consumer durables such as digital cameras and computers…

  1. Do some research and actually handle one if you can – looking for design faults and things that might snap off or generally annoy you.
  2. Figure out what specification you really need.
  3. Shop around and buy it as cheaply as you can – obviously choosing a supplier that will actually deliver AND honour the warranty.
  4. Often you find that your local supplier will match or come very close to a price you see on line. Obviously you need to provide some evidence.
  5. Use it like crazy. Don’t just put it in a cupboard and “worship” it. It’s already worth 20% less than you paid for it before you even take it out of the box.
  6. Induce any manufacturing defects (i.e.wear it out) before the warranty is up, so you can get a free, new replacement.
  7. Use the replacement one like crazy – see point 4.
  8. Plan to buy a new one at the end of an approximate two to four year cycle.
  9. Ensure you recycle or freecycle the old one!

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