Ok so I installed Ubuntu but I hate the Gnome desktop?

If you want a version of Ubuntu that looks & feels like more like your familiar Windoze XP then try the free upgrade to Kubuntu. Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop. IMHO KDE is loads nicer and much more feature-rich than either Windoze or the Gnome desktop.

As well as being highly customisable, KDE makes extensive use of context menu functions. It also has loads of sweet extras like KATE (KDE Advanced Text Editor). Compare that with Windoze crappy notepad if you do any coding.

Then there is Krusader advanced file manager that lets you do sophisticated directory comparisons locally, across a Windoze network or to an FTP or SFTP connection on a remote server. 'Doze has nothing to touch it. And SMB4K manages connections to Windoze boxes better and faster than Windoze can itself.

They say little things please little minds but I love the little weather applet on the panel (taskbar) that patches into any of the planet's 3000 or so METAR stations via the internet to tell you latest weather. In fact, KDE has more goodies that you can shake a stick at. And they are all genuinely FREE. No adware, spyware trojan or worms!

Seriously, Linux has come a long way the last 18 months. If you haven't tried it lately, then perhaps you should? And remember, only Micro$haft makes Windoze but anyone can make Linux. This means that in addition to the Ubuntu family of Linuxes, there is a tremendous diversity of Linuxes out there. So and there is almost certainly one to suit you and your hardware

Live long and enjoy…

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