How to upgrade to “Goosebuntu” – a fully loaded (K)ubuntu 7.xx (Gutsy) system

These are my favourite (K)ubuntu applications. The name "Goosebuntu" is not entirely serious – it is just a name we coined in the office. However the following apps will turn a standard Kubuntu installation into something really rather special. This list is primarily for Kubuntu users though it may be applied to other Ubuntu flavours. If the application is already installed, then no matter, the system will just ignore that application.

Applications from normal repositories

This assumes you have all the usual repositories enabled, that is the main, restrricted, multiverse and universe repositories for your particular version (e.g feisty, gutsy) of Kubuntu. This is probably easiest done in a package manager such as Adept or Synaptic.

You also can use a package manager to select and install these applications. However this is an example of where using the Linux Terminal could actually be quicker. To make things easier for you, I have listed the files in a format that can easily be copied and pasted to your Termanal window for installation.

To use the clipboard commands (copy & paste) in a Termanal, right click in the Terminal window and select the command from the popup menu. If you copy and paste my lists then please make sure the list includes the install command "apt-get install" together with "sudo" –  the command that makes you the "root user" temporarily. I.E.. the part that reads."sudo apt-get install"

Main "must-have" applications

sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird firefox mozilla-firefox-webdeveloper mozilla-plugin-vlc mozilla-imagezoom sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin flashplugin-nonfree httrack webhttrack httrack-doc gimp gimp-gap gimp-help-en gimp-python gimp-data-extras gnucash gnucash-docs kcalc krusader md5deep mirrordir cfv kedit khexedit krename kdiff3 kompare xxdiff arj lha unrar unrar-free rar rpm unace p7zip msttcorefonts dosemu dosbox rsync kcalc vlc wine zim libdvdread3 libxine1-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly

Suggested packages for above

Install these if you have plenty of disk space. These are mainly help files. fonts and other items you can live without but will find handy if you can afford the space…

sudo apt-get install gnucash-docs python-imaging firefox-gnome-support latex-xft-fonts debhelper fakeroot desktop-base sun-java6-fonts python-gtk2-dbg python-numeric-tutorial python-numeric-ext python-numeric-dbg alien libmyodbc odbc-postgresql libgnomevfs2-bin libgtk2-perl-doc librsvg2-common libgtkhtml3.8-dbg libhtml-element-extended-perl lirc ofx librsvg2-bin p7zip-full guile-1.6-doc equivs

More useful stuff

sudo apt-get install kalzium stellarium emacs rasmol amaya bluefish kimagemapeditor klinkstatus quanta kandy gnome-nettool gnochm smb4k qtdmm klavier gdebi kappfinder kdemultimedia-kappfinder-data xaos xtide qtparted gnokii kdenetwork gl-117 gl-117-data kasteroids pinball pacman tuxpaint gnome-games planetpenguin-racer flightgear kworldclock xplanet kweather gnome-cards-data gnome-games-data gnome-icon-theme gnome-media-common kalzium-data kdeedu-data amaya-data metacity-common pinball-data planetpenguin-racer-data php-doc rasmol-doc tidy-doc ttf-baekmuk ttf-gujarati-fonts ttf-tamil-fonts ttf-telugu-fonts ttf-thryomanes smbfs stellarium-data tuxpaint-data tuxpaint-stamps-default whois wireshark-common linux-wlan-ng amaya-doc docbook-defguide tuxpaint-config wireshark tshark xplanet-images ntfsprogs linux-wlan-ng-doc planetpenguin-racer-extras jfsutils cervisia synaptic deborphan xtide-data gnome-games-extra-data libxine1-doc libxine1-ffmpeg libxine1-plugins libquicktime1 samba nfs-common acidrip dvdrip dvdrip-doc video-dvdrip-doc gopchop kmediafactory dvdauthor qdvdauthor lame lame-extras thoggen tvtime soundKonverter ripperx kaudiocreator kid3 kmid krec oooqs2-kde klamav libk3b2-mp3 libtunepimp5-mp3 xaralx ldtp kdegraphics kdegraphics-doc-html clamav-docs html2ps kdebase povray mpeg2dec xaralx-examples unzoo toolame jhead xine-ui subtitleripper gstreamer0.10-x flac gnuift python-statgrab libio-socket-ssl-perl pvm dvipdfmx lmodern perl-tk tipa transcode-doc xmltv-util xaralx-svg scribus inkscape dia dia-gnome skencil scribus-template


MySQL is a powerful database sytem. However not many users actually need it. It is used where large amounts of data need to be managed. For example, this whole site uses MySQL as a database to store pages used by Joomla and Coppermine coontent management systems. And on my laptop, I use it as the back-end database for Amarok media player.

sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-admin mysql-query-browser mysql-doc-5.0

A bit of wireless hacking fun

No I am not advocating illegal activity here. However if you have a laptop with wireless and assuming you have got it working then you need a good manager. The best IMHO is KwifRadar. It has a simple interface that maks it true power. Be sure to uninstall or at least disable any other wireless managers otherwise KWifiRadar wont work properly!

sudo apt-get install wifi-radar kismet airsnort

Multimedia extensions

In order to play commercial DVDs and for a host of other multimedia type functions, please follow the instructions provided in the article entitled How to make (K)Ubuntu play DVD's:-



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