Kwasi Kwarteng’s kwazy budget

As Britain reels from the effects of Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng’s 2022-09-23 budget, and the pound plummets towards an all-time low against the US Dollar, Mr pie has a sweary but succinct analysis of the shitshow in which we now find ourselves, here in Old Blighty.

A less sweary and less amusing analysis

“The United Kingdom’s economy has deep structural problems, and a fundamental lack of competitiveness as reflected in a current account deficit of over 8 percent of GDP. Years of underinvestment in public services, education, housing and transport have left a poorly skilled and regionally immobile labor force struggling to fill the gaps left by the departure of foreign workers, which was caused by the ruling party’s nationalist agenda.”

Shouting match

Metro is reporting that Dim Lizzy and Crazy Kwasi just had a massive ‘shouting match’ about this latest Tory fuck-up. Naturally, Downing Street refuses to comment. Meantime some top Tories are blaming “currency traders”.

Liz Truss herself is still making herself scarce. Despite various calls for her to come out of hiding, she has not been seem in public since she sat next to the Chancellor while he gave his disastrous speech in Parliament, last Friday (2022-09-23).

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