Working from home during the current crisis

Seems a lot of people are struggling working from home rather than going into the office. Some are suggesting that a daily routine helps them. Personally, I don’t really have a daily routine – providing I can start the day with a strong black coffee and have my daily “number two’s”, then I’m sorted. Smile

I’m lucky because I love my work, and I have worked mostly from home for almost three decades. I tend to work well into the night, and get my most creative ideas  between about 23:00 and 02:00. I don’t need any special motivation to do this. It’s  automatic for me.

But I do have a massive backlog of stuff to do. Right now I am trying to finish of a load of images from the last shoot I did a couple of weeks back. It’s taken me much longer than it should and TBH I have made a number of rather silly mistakes. But I am keeping the lass in the loop.

Next, my accounts need updating. I try to do them contemporaneously but ATM I am six weeks behind. Then I have to perform a massive OS upgrade on my webserver. It has to be done remotely by SSH, and looks like it may prove to be quite a tricky old job. Also have lots of sites that need updating, including garfnet.

Completing unfinished projects

Then I have a flat screen TV to fix. This is another tricky old job involving de-soldering a load of duff SMD LEDs and soldering replacements to flexible PCB strips in order to repair the back light system. And there’s a second FST that I intend to strip out most of the works and use the case and chassis to form the base of an infinitely variable RGBCCT LED softbox. I’m planning to use a MiLight controller.  This means I will be able to control the thing from my smartphone – providing it all comes together as planned.

While all that is going on, I feel I really need to brush up on my programming skills, especially PHP7, MariaDB SQL and BASH shell scripting. And there’s our spare room literally full of stuff I need to sell on eBay.

When my mother downsized last year, she gave me her sewing machine kit, c/w a designer cabinet and all the accessories, bits and bobs. It’s a lovely bit of kit and could be so useful for maintaining our costume collection – and perhaps even for making new costumes. So I really must get to grips with that too.

On top of that, my wife has a list as long as her arm of things she wants me to do. Idle hands and all that… 🙂

Seems my “to do” is virtually endless at the moment.

Meantime, here’s how Tom Walker, better known as Jonathan Pie is handling self isolation and working from home…

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