Home made light modifier

OK, so we are still in coronavirus lockdown here in the UK and I have spent the afternoon playing! 🙂 I saw the basic idea on a web forum on a photography site, and decided to look around my garage and see if there was any thing suitable to produce something similar. I also took a few quick hand-held snaps of the results.

This is my last piece of (rather battered) perforated stainless steel sheet, cut to a roughly rectangular 29cm x 18cm, c/w edge protector (to prevent cutting ones hands on the sharp edges). Excuse the extra hole. It had that already, but it seems to make little difference..

Above sheet of perforated stainless steel, handheld a few centimetres in front of one of the 20 watt LED spotlights I modified and discussed in an earlier post

Transpires that due to the matrix-layout of the COB LED in the lamp, Moiré patterning causes light to appear as lines, similar to light shining through blinds.  By holding one end a little further from the light source than the other, one can add perspective to the pattern it throws, like so…

Rotate the modifier through 45° or so, then you get this rather more jagged pattern…

I have not had time to play any further. But considering this is just a piece of scrap metal, I’m rather pleased with the results so far. 🙂

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