As bent as a nine-pound note…

According to Reuters, Britain is looking at whether it can use properties owned by sanctioned individuals in the country for humanitarian purposes.

I want to explore an option which would allow us to use the homes and properties of sanctioned individuals for as long as they are sanctioned for humanitarian and other purposes,” housing minister Michael Gove told BBC Television, when asked if the homes of sanctioned oligarchs could be used to house Ukrainian refugees.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

However, dig a little deeper and you find this the very least we can do. UK’s response to this to date has been piss-poor. So far, we’ve only accepted a tiny percentage of Ukrainian refugees compared to EU countries. We’ve also made it as difficult as possible for refugees to apply.

We took ages to sanction oligarchs, giving the bastards plenty of time to get most of their money (and yachts) safely tucked away in the Caymans (or similar). Of course none of this could possibly be connected to the fact that our ruling Conservative Party has received vast wads of cash from Russian Donors, now could it?

One Russian minister’s wife actually donated one hundred and sixty thousand quid just to play tennis with Boris Johnson!

As ever the legendary Jonathan Pie (aka Tom Watson) tells it like it is…

As we say here in Old Blighty, “It’s as bent as a nine-pound note“…

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