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I have been a tad distracted by some rather serious political events that have taken place here in Old Blighty during the last few days. Basically our Prime Minister has decided to “do a Trump” and stay in power even though over fifty members of his government have now resigned in protest over his various lies and scandals. In fact, on Wednesday (2022-07-06), Bore Arse had more resignations in one day than any other PM in British history.

Now we are in the weird position of having a PM who has resigned as Tory party leader but is still in office as PM!

I had planned to write a piece about Boris Johnson’s final fall from grace. But then I discovered Jonathan Pie (AKA Tom Watson) has already done it for me. And even though it’s a bit sweary, Mr Pie has done his piece with significantly fewer expletives than I would have used…

Still think Boris is a jolly good chap?

Please watch this. The Life and Lies of Boris Johnson. And if you are ever consider voting Conservative, then please watch it again…

For Americans

Mr Pie explains to the New York Times why Brits are so fed up with Bore Arse, in a skit from 2022-02-05…

Bye Bye Bore Arse

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