Posting pictures on GarfNet Coppermine

Editor's note 2018-01-01: Coppermine has been deprecated and we are no longer actively adding to it, nor are we accepting content on it from third-party users. The following text is kept here purely for historical purposes. Whilst most of this is already covered in the "General rules for posting material on GarfNet",  I would like to reiterate the rules in the context of members wishing to post images on GarfNet Coppermine. Please keep pictures below 2000 pixels in either direction. No porn. No topless. Only post material that you own the copyright to or that you have the copyright owner's… Read More ►

All fixed now!

Apologies to readers who had difficulty accessing this site between 2007-07-12 & 2007-07-20. We suffered several simultaneous technical issues including a cock-up on the part of British Telecom and a hard disk failure in the GarfNet server. We also had some essential maintenance that needed doing, including to upgrading the operating system and various content management systems and rearranging the site internals quite extensively. But all is mended now. You will also notice that a number of exciting new features have neen enabled in the Projects section. And we have some great new photos in GarNet Pictures. Hopefully all the… Read More ►

About Joomla

Editor's note: this article was written when GarfNet first changed from a hand-written HTML site to a CMS driven one. Sadly, Joomla failed us in many ways, not least the fact we went through several soul-destroying upgrades that took longer to sort out than if I had coded the site by hand. Today we use Wordpress instead. Joomla, is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It is actually wonderful piece of server-side software. The people behind it have developed it with a particular passion & flair. Joomla is fast, stable, easy to use, pretty, highly customisable with minimal technical… Read More ►